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Professional Waste Cleaning in Alberta With Combo Vacuum Units

Combo vacuum trucks from the fleet of Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd. can help you accomplish all your waste cleaning tasks in Alberta. We offer professional assistance backed by appropriate equipment support to ensure the quality and timely completion of waste cleaning services at your location. You can rely on us for a range of tasks such as spill cleaning, building washing, mud hauling, grease bin cleaning and many more services. Our excellent safety record makes us a preferred name for hauling in or hauling out services in Alberta. We use the best equipment in the industry to fulfill our client’s requirements. Connect with us in Drayton Valley for information, or to schedule our services, which includes:

Plant turnarounds
Tank/vessel cleaning
Spill cleaning
Building washing
Steaming/pressure washing
Pipeline snaking
Wax bin/grease bin cleaning
Cement jobs
Frack lines
Pipeline bleed downs
Well abandonments
Fluid/mud hauling
Sump cleanout
Drilling/service rigs
Floater tires available

We have a variety of combo-vac units that include rigs from single-axle units to tri-axle units. These units include high-pressure washers and their supply of fresh water. Most units include boilers, which are capable of making steam for removing grease and tar or just for thawing frozen equipment such as valves, wellheads and piping. We can supply the right equipment for a variety of waste cleaning jobs and their specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

SA Combo-Vac Units

3.5m3 debris legal hauling capacity
1.5m3 freshwater wash tank capacity
Our combo units have hotsy boiler systems with 750,000 BTU’s
CAT wash pumps that can put up to 10 gallons per minute

TA Combo-Vac Units

6m3 debris legal hauling capacity
3m3 freshwater wash tank capacity
CAT wash pumps that can put out 10 gallons per minute and when nozzle down can put up to 2800 psi if need be
Hotsy boiler system with 1,000,000 BTU’s

Tri Combo Units

8m3 debris legal hauling capacity/ 9m3 of oil capacity
4m3 freshwater legal hauling capacity in the wash tank
Hotsy boiler systems with 1,000,000 BTU’s
CAT wash pumps that can put out 17 gallons per minute

Our combo units can snake pipelines, culverts etc. up to 800ft. We have 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” snake hoses, and also wash pipes equipped with rotation nozzles for cleaning waxed off the pipe or clogged culverts etc.

Get Quality Waste Cleaning Services

End your search for quality and cost-effective waste cleaning services at Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd., our latest combo vacuum trucks can help!

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