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Sour Sealed Hauling and More in Alberta With Tank Trucks

At Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd., we are the premium haulers for fluid hauling in Alberta. In case you have been looking for fluid hauling services, we can provide you with quick and on-time solutions. We have been hauling production fluids of any volume for many clients. Our dispatch can manage your production fluid and set schedules for when you need your wells hauled out or we can book a frac water supply with multiple trucks if required, and advise you on the ideal solutions to suit your requirements. Speak to us for more information. Some of our services include:

Petroleum crude oil
Produced water
Sweet service or sour Sealed
Well servicing fluids
Spill protection equipped
Tri axles
Truck and pups
Tri tractor straight trailers
Truck and wagons
Floater trucks

Why Choose Us?

We at Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd., pride ourselves on our ability to move fluids anywhere safely and efficiently. We have a wide variety of trucks available from a tandem axle capable of hauling 11m3 H2O/13m3 emulsion up to our Tri-Quad Wagons capable of hauling 33m3 H2O/42m3 emulsion. For those muddy times of the year or when you need access to a remote location, we can rig up 2 Tri-axle and 1 tandem axle floatation truck capable of transferring fluid out of site to batteries or trucks waiting at suitable locations.


Our commitment to providing professional and cost-efficient services is second to none. We spare no expense in our safety program, and we stand behind it as well as our employees.

Fluid Hauling Made Easy!

Depend on us as we have a range of trucks with different hauling capacities that can assist you in all your fluid hauling requirements.

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