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Your Go-To Partner for Fresh and Potable Water Hauling in Alberta

One of the most essential aspects of running a successful oilfield operation is having a large fresh water supply on hand. At Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd., we understand the significance of that need, which is why we pride ourselves on our reliable fresh water hauling service in Alberta. Whether you need potable water, hot water, rig water or water for trailer units or dust control, we have you covered. Our single and tandem axle trucks are readily available for fresh water hauling to your oilfield site, as well as residential and municipality.


Schedule Water Hauling

Servicing residential, industrial and commercial clients, Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd. is your trusted partner for fresh water hauling in Alberta. Give us a call today to request our fresh water hauling service. Some of our services include:

Single axle
Tandem axle
Truck and pups
Potable water
Hot and cold water available
Hydro-vac/vac truck filling
Dust control
Ice road building
Bore unit filling
Ice rink flooding
Hot tub and pool fill
Drilling and service rigs

Dependable Fresh and Patable Water Hauling Services

Our team of trained operators can provide you with satisfactory fresh water hauling tanks across Alberta.

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