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Get Your Hands on Quality Flameless Heaters for Any Heating Needs

The leader for flameless heaters in the oil industry is Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd. Whether it is BOP, pipeline heating, or more, if it needs heating, freeze protection or thawing, our flameless heaters can do the job quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently than competing products. Let us know if you are in need of quality flameless heaters in Alberta.


Even in harsh conditions of winter, Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd. guarantees critical performance and the highest static pressure available. Furthermore, its compact size fits in small spaces and can be easily transported to areas that are difficult to traverse. The heating module can be deployed wherever it is most needed quickly and unobtrusively. Our self-contained, flameless heaters are a cost-effective heating solution for any oilfield project. Our services include:

Dry Air Heat
No mess with water from steam
BOP heating
Dual ducting to heat 2 items at the same time
Preheat engines or surface equipment and wellheads
Heat buildings from 0 Celsius to 20 Celsius in no time
Tarps available
Freeze prevention
Pipeline heating

Trust Flameless Heaters for Performance

Our flameless heaters can fit in small spaces, can be transported easily and can do the job efficiently with optimum accuracy.

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