Our Equipment

Tank Trucks

Our tank trucks and trailers are all capable of hauling sour sealed and a combination of body job or even up to truck and quad wagon. We use straight trailer units or truck and pups depending on the volume required to be hauled. We handle anything from acid hauling to fresh water. We will haul products offsite to disposal facilities or transfer them to battery sites.

Hydro Vac Units

Our hydro vac units range from tandem axles to tri-axle trucks. We also have overhead booms capable of reaching up to 24 feet and dangerous goods certified tanks for hauling contaminated soils. We even have units equipped with boilers to help cut frost. With a combination of our hydro vac wands and high suction rigs, we can make short work of your jobs.

Flameless Heater

The newest edition to the fleet is the flameless heater, capable of producing heat up to 80°C. It features an output air volume of 5500cfm and ducting of long distances without the loss of air pressure or temperature. It is perfect for plant shut downs or new facility startups.

Track Hydro Vacs

This specialized track unit is capable of going on any terrain that trucks can’t make it into. It has a debris capacity of 6m3 and fresh water capacity of 5m3. It features minimal ground pressure for the preservation of the environment. These units are ideal for access to remote sites without having to use matting. The units are set up with a 6” boom hose to remove slurry fast from excavation holes. Our operator and swamper keep good communication with the use of handheld radios and high visibility wet suits. Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services hauls the specialized equipment with a 50 foot low deck trailer.

Fresh Water Trucks

For the fleet of working hydro vac units to increase productivity, our fleet of fresh water trucks keep the vacs filled and digging. We have a clean, single axle 4x4 for filling shacks and holding tanks. It also handles deliveries for vac trucks. Our tandem axle fresh water trucks are great for dust control on roads as they are equipped with a fan spray nozzle for better road coverage. Our select trucks are equipped with insulated tanks and can keep water hot even when below freezing temperatures. We have water hauling capabilities of up to 26m3 on our truck and pup combination.

Combo Vacuum Trucks

Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services has a variety of combo vac units that include rigs from single axle units to tri axle units. All units include high pressure washers and their own supply of fresh water. Most units include boilers capable of making steam for removing grease and tar or just for thawing frozen equipment such as valves, wellheads and piping. For all waste cleaning needs, we can supply the right equipment for the job.

Additional Services:

  • Tow Cats/Bobcats with forks or bucket
  • Hotshot services with trailer
  • High pressure/volume tank wash system
  • Streamer services/supervisors
  • Road sanding truck
  • Rental equipment
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